nwe york

What do you think at first you hear this word “NEW YORK” ? you may think about high building, busy city, people walking around, crowded traffic, and so on. Yap! That is “NEW YORK”. This largest city in USA is truly CROWDED ! Crowded with tourists, vehicles, and many more ! You can easily find Chinese, Japanese, Africans, Asians walking around this city, especially in around TIMES SQUARE ! Yellow cabs, bicycles, even padicaps  are ready to carry you along this city! But, I suggest you to just walking around together with all your friends to ENJOY every corner of this ‘never-sleep-city’! ffiuh. It’s gonna be fun but totally tiring! While walking, you can stop in every shopping centre to buy some merchandise from New York. T-Shirt with NY words is very well-known for visitors ! and I bought MANY T-SHIRTS with various colors, key chains, many ‘small liberty statues’ and LUCKILY I got a low price for items, yay !! WHAT A DAY ! 🙂


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