When I was in Hiroshima,  we (students exchange)  got a great chance to eat OKONOMIYAKI! yay 😀 ! I have no idea actually to explain this meal. Before we arrived at the café, firstly we were served a paper that printed many options about what kind of okonomiyaki that you’d like to try. And here was the OPTIONS :

First, okonomiyaki with pork

Second, okonomiyaki with squid

Third, okonomiyaki with egg

And absolutely, I chose the third one + Coke.


It was cooked directly in front of you, so you can easily know how to make it. It tasted totally DELICIOUS! I love Okonomiyaki so much! and  I LOVE JAPAN! 😀

❤ dee.



  1. hello, salam kenal, gw suka banget baca thread lo ini…
    btw ada ga ya buat pergi ke amerika free atau gratis hehhe ya walupun bayar sedikit gpp lah, ada ga ya ? hheeh thanks

  2. kalo ke amerika gratis, ya banyak, bisa cari schoolarship dari kedutaan 🙂 coba buka link-nya untuk liat macam2 beasiswa dr US 🙂

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