EUPHORIA WEDNESDAY 01.01am (thank God it’s Arsyil!)

tue, 14.07.09, 11.00pm

My mom called me at noon. She said, “mom, dad, and grandma are going home at 01.00am. Please pick us at airport!”

Yeah, I was very happy! I was totally excited to take my mom in the airport. I didnt know why did I excited a lot! maybe because I missed Hasanuddin Airport so much. hha 😀 and then my uncle, my cousin, my second sister Faah were ready to go to airport without my first sister Uchi and my first Cousin Shanty. They didnt want to go. I didnt know why. I thought it’s because Uchi was very tired and freezed (it’s 24degrees I guess at that night, totally cold!). Yeah, It’s Ok. Although it’s cold, but I was still excited. Airport I’M COMING !! hha 😀

wed, 15.07.09, 00.30pm

Ok then, we were already arrived at the airport and ready to see my family. Their airplane had just landed. But, seems, they still trying to get their luggage. Suddenly, my dad coming, and asked :

“Do you see any trolley? we need it so much.”

“What? Trolley? We didnt get it any, all of people have already took it earlier.”

“Oh, I’ll try to find it inside. Eh, There is a movie star inside! He is your Idol. But, I dont know his name.”

“What? A movie star? Who? Oh goodness!” I’ll prepare my camera for capturing him!”

“Wait us here, I’ll go inside to find any trolley. ok”

Oh, God! I was excited! Who is he? my Idol? hff.

faah said, “wuih, sapa mii ntu kira2? siapkan memang mii kameramu, supaya bisa nanti langsung difoto pas jalan kii!”

dilaa said, “baa, pake camera saja di’, jangan mii video, pastii banyak itu bodyguardnya!”.

faah said, “okee, siap2 liatt ki baik2 keluarr dari pintu!”

wed, 15.07.09, 01.01am

I found someone familiar going out from the gate. He’ my dad. And I saw someone totally handsome and cute beside him. My dad held his hand and took the guy in front of me. I was amazed, you know what, thank God it’s  ANDI ARSYIL RAHMAN PUTRA!! 😀 without any bodyguard as I thought before. He still our Daeng!  hha 😀 because of my dad, I could took  any pictures together, so did Faah. And I believed, Uchi and Shanty were very disapointed not going to airport. We are BIG FAN of Ketika Cinta Bertasbih movie and novel. But, mostly my sisters are fans of Kholidi Assadil Alam (Azzam), and I my self love Furqan soooo much. And It just like A DREAM COMES TRUE to see him in front of me directly!


Andi Arsyil,  my ‘beloved’ IDOL !

THANK dad 😀


5 thoughts on “EUPHORIA WEDNESDAY 01.01am (thank God it’s Arsyil!)

  1. di bandara hasanuddin makassar, pas si Arsyil lagi mudik ke makassar abis dari taiwan karena lagi ujian di kampusnya. . hehehe 🙂

  2. I’m quite jealous towards you. I just can meet Oki Setiana Dewi since she come to Malaysia. Me also a big fans of Arsyil. It started when I hear he singing. Hope one day I can meet him face to face like Oki.

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