Ok then. As the announcement of SNMPTN 2009 has already announced, and I finally passed this tough test. Firstly, I was really interested to Law Faculty. I didn’t know why. Maybe, because my dad is a lecturer of Law Faculty, so I interested so much in it. I want to be like him. Or maybe just because I wanna be a notary public. Yeah, that’s all I want to. I put Law Faculty in my third (last) choice (I chose IPC). Why did I put it into last choice? Because I had already done the “private” consultation to Ayyub (my best friend also as my private teacher to SNMPTN), and he gave me the Passing Grade Info in a paper (I didn’t know how and where did he get it). I saw the Passing Grade of Law Faculty Hasanuddin University is around 12%. But I thought its better to put any faculty that has higher passing grade in first and second choice. I should chose one faculty from science, and I chose Informatics Technology (because my mom and dad interested to this faculty) and it has PG (passing grade) around 25%. And I felt very brave to choose International Relations (Social Politics faculty) that has PG around 24%. I felt it’s a lil bit impossible to pass those two faculty. Why? First, because I’m stupid in Math. So it’s gonna be tough to pass Science Questions in this test. Second, because I’m from Science Class when I was in Senior High School, so I felt it’s totally difficult to reach 24% for International Relations department this is social not science), it’s too high. And I’m sure to get Law Faculty. I believe I could reach it from TPA, English, Bahasa Indonesia, and some Social questions.

kcB.039soal-soal ini membuat ku gila

But, in a fact. I’m wrong to see my capability. 31st July at aroung 08.30pm, from I got unbelievable thing happened. I passed this test BUT not in Law Faculty, I passed into International Relations department from social politics Faculty of Hasanuddin University!! What? I have no idea about this department. What will I study in this faculty actually? I just felt that I’M LUCKY for this test. But, I believe this is the best for me. Thank be to God. 🙂  This is an amazing blessing from God to me !! road to RED CAMPUS !! yey! 😀


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