A new ‘crazy’ family!! (Thank God It’s HIMAHI)

Here I am. Chosen as a ‘human’ that will study in Hasanuddin University for the next 4 years (hopefully!). Still have no idea to predict exactly what will happen around this 4 years. And It’s quietly not important to do that all. I just wanna let it flow. Just FACE IT all, yeah!! 😀

It has been around 1 week to enjoy UNHAS as a student in Social Politics Faculty, International Relations department. And hell yeah, I do love it! I love politics, I love everything ‘bout International. This is my soul! (bahasa gaulnya : guee bangett!!) 😀 . So far so good. But, the problem is just I feel not really smart enough for this department. Because, we need english as a basic requirement. What? I’m Indonesian! I can’t speek english fluently guys! oh NO!! and seems that all subjects needs a discussion, I’m not smart enough doing this thing, goossh!! You’ve got to be that knowledgeable enough for doing this. How could it be? I never doing any discussion along my holiday! I had forgot all my way doing it! But, don’t worry, it’s just all about time. I just need to learn and practice more (here I am trying to make my self smile again and forget this ‘irritating’ problem! Hufft). But how ‘bout my new friends? Are they please enough? Shitty yess!! They are my new ‘crazy’ family! It’s quietly easy able to get along with them. They are crazy. They are funny (we all are fan of OPERA VAN JAVA, yaa’eee! So, you can imagine how crazy we are!). And surely, THEY ARE ALL GENIOUS! They are all smart. I love to be with them. Welcome to this ‘crazy’ world dhila! Hahaha 😀

DSC040822here we are

I love you full Himahi.

Here is our song :

Himahi di dadaku

Himahi kebanggaanku

Ku yakin hari ini pasti menang!!

I Love you tons guys.

Himahi, Himahi, Himahi go go!! 😀


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