Happy Fabulous 24, HIMAHI !!

12 september 2009. Yap! This is a big day. Especially for my beloved ‘new family’, HIMAHI FISIP UNHAS! This BIG FAMILY is celebrating their birthday today, for 24 years. We celebrated this big event, namely TUDANG SIPULUNG XXIV Satu Dunia Kebersamaan Tanpa Kesenjangan, in Pusat Kegiatan Penelitian (PKP UNHAS) from 4.00pm to 8.30pm. We had an acoustic performance, breakfasting and praying together, and yeah, launching JURNAL ALTERNATIVA! This is the first journal made by university student in Hasanuddin University, and we from International Relations department have to be proud to make this. We sat together (NO SENIORITY) to share many things happened in this family from a year to year, the first year until the 24th year now. Many things had changed now, but still we are in HIMAHI, an amazing family. And I am extremely proud and totally happy to be a part of them. They are awesome!

DSC012411grand launching jurnal alternativa

(with a big ‘general song’)

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday. . HIMAHI !!


“tetaplah menjadi sebuah keluarga yang selalu dirindukan”

Keep on rocking! 😀


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