SWAT = Friendship has no End :)

Hey, you guys !!


Long Time No Posting!! (hha, paraaah)

I’m BLOGGING again, yuhuu! 🙂

Well, I got many stories from my redshoes along my journey this month, guys. I’ll start to make my-newpost with a story ‘bout my-beloved-family, SWAT.

SWAT pas pemotretan Buku Tahunan DETIK 21

Yap. SWAT is actually not a kind of intelligent or a gangster as you think from that name. SWAT is SWAT, not an abbreviation, guys. And sometimes, we are a lil bit confused when someone asking us ‘bout the meaning of this name, yeah PLEASE GUYS, don’t ask me anymore, coz we even don’t know how could we chose this name. It just directly come up in our mind. And, we like it soo much.

SWAT has 9 agents (yeah, all friends call us like that), they are :

SWAT 01 = A.A. Gd. D. P Pradnyana Putra

SWAT 02 = Ulil Albab

SWAT 03 = Ummi Suci Fathiah Bailusy

SWAT 04 = Rizky Amanda

SWAT 05 = Akmal

SWAT 06 = Idham Gunawan

SWAT 07 = Vahrendra Wardyan

SWAT 08 = Fadhilah Trya Wulandari

SWAT 09 = Rohmah Nur Hidayah

I assure some of you guys coincidentally familiar with those names, because we are a kind of FAMOUS person in our city!! 😀 ihhaaa!!

(he*l yeah, you’ve got to kill me after this !! hhaha)

I do love 08 so much. That’s my lucky number (hopefully). My phone number ended by triple eight. And, SWAT was born in 08-11-2008 (08 mentioned twice at that date, right?).

We were formally decided to-be-one in group last year, when we were in Last Grade in 21 Senior High School (some of us stayed in different class, actually). And nice to celebrate our FIRSTBIRTHDAY last month and gathered together in KFC, Mtos 🙂

08 and 03 semua orang kira, kami sepupu-an!!

08+03 feat. YUI from JOLIE (SWAT’s sister)

Having them as a friend is a luckiness for me.

We use this words in our friendship :


yeah, we are SWAT.

SWAT = Friendship has no End. 🙂


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