chimunk: another birthday present

hey, hey, hey..

“LOOK!! I got a cute-small MUNGKY!! :D”

yeah. I screamt to all my sisters when i got this cute-thingy. This is the second doll that I got for my last birthday after BUWBUW (from bolang). I still remember, I saw this mungky at KidsStation when I went to MP with both of my sisters and him (the one who gave me this doll). We were actually looking for an UNO. But, my eyes caught this mungky smile to me and I directly said..

HEY, IT’S JUST LIKE YOU!!”, while pointing toward at him.

IT HAS A CUTE SMILE  like you precisely…” and he suddenly gave me his cutest smile ever.

but, who is he? :p everybody should know. he is my best-best-best-bestieeefren ever!! I never supposed that this mungky will be sitting in my bed, finally. He gave me this doll in 20 January 2009 (19 days late from my exactly birthdate). goossh! but, it’s OK. I dont think about that, no more. The most important is, he gave a special thing from a special memory together. nice birthday present.

chimunk. saingan buwbuw. :p

Special Thanks for Muhammad Qadri Munzir a.k.a UNCHIE BOESE.

my best-best-best-american freenn!!

Thanks for this mungky. I call this doll as CHIMUNK 🙂


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