Hasanuddin University Choir Competition

Bersama, Bersatu, Berjaya Semua,

Jayalah FISIPku, Jayalah UNHASku…


Choir Competitions held by Hasanuddin University on last Tuesday, yesterday,  was very chronically exhausting. We only had a very limited time to exercise MARS UNHAS song and any folklore song as a choice one. DB3 itself (Choral Group of Social Politics Faculty),  just starting practice on Tuesday (last week), the second day of the first lecture this semester or 1 week before the competition day. Even the song choices (folklore), which has been arranged solely by “kak Achie Tamrin” (our captain and conductor) just successfully made three days before the day!  We had a makassar song namely Butta Kallasukanta’. DB3 which is a pop-choir-group, suddenly had to sing a kind of Folklore song. It is not easy, btw. But, that’s db3. We do not ever complain. We already know  that we just have a very-very-extralimited-time. But in practice, we still have time to laugh. I can say, if DB3 exercise three hours, two hours was spent by laughing, and just one hour to actually practice singing. There are the things that makes us always have a big smile, laugh off, even we did  a tiring exercise in the month of fasting and the hottest day which is not that very difficult at all.

“Just SMILEEE and DOO YOUR BEST!” (Said, Achie Thamrin)

Here-We-Are!. See, we never stopped smiling right? We didnt have any big-burden when appearing in stage. It’s because we never taught, compete for the championship. But, we are taught to compete to show the best we can.

That spirit makes us stand to show the best. Two things that always reminded by kak achie when behind the stage, “Hey, ladies. Remember your fan in your hand, do not let it turn over, and your green or red saroong, hold it carefully!.” And yeah, It makes me nervous at all, and always resounded that words in my head. grrrr T_T
WE DANCED!!  Yes. We began to learn this dancing and beautiful formation for folklore’s song, one night before the competition. We would compete at 10 AM next days, and we learned this formation at 8 PM a night  before the competition started, under the library. But do not underestimate us.  Besides good singing, We are also skilled in making the fan broken smoothly. YIPPPIIEE!! :p

With a very-extra-tiring day, we finally success to defend the title of a winner last year. And back being the first winner of this competition. This is the first time I hold a big trophy like this. so, please understand if I’m in my  instability (Re: LABIL). YIHAHAHA 😀

(from left to right) My self-DilahTrya-, Kak Rina, Kak Elis, April, Kak Uny,  Kak Onel, Nunu, Kak Mamat, Icha, Kak Janet, Kak Nia, Kak Riri, Kak Irma, Kak Christine, Kak Vita, Kak Ervin, Claudia, and Kak Utin. The boys from right to left, Ridho, Kak Echa, Kak Achie, Kak Achonk, Kak Dedy, Kak Fredy, Kak Ivan, Kak Aris, and our dance coach. Love ya lots guys! 🙂 That was our story for this week. We will start making a fantastic-bombastic-show again in the next october, a choir competition that will be held by PR3 in Baruga UNHAS later. Wish, we may be able to show our best (again). Dont forget to watch us, there! See ya!

Bersama Bersatu Berjaya!

Love, Dilah.


6 thoughts on “Hasanuddin University Choir Competition

  1. bukan HI sam,
    sospol ini. didalamnya ada HI, Politik, Pemerintahan, Sosiologi, ADM. Bersatu semua. kalo HI sendiri, pasti nda sebagus ini.
    eeaa..eeaa..eeaa.. 😀
    kapan2 sam datang nah kalo dilah konser lagi.. caailaah :p

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