The Australia Poster Gallery Class!

Last week, I had a mid test in Australia Class. But, the test was really extraordinary. We had An Australia Poster Gallery for the test. How could it be like that? Luckily, we had a very nice teacher. She gave us an other way in learning something. In this Australia Poster Gallery, everyone should have one poster (made by themselves) that we used to call it as academic poster.

The content is about Australia, Australia, Australia! What you have studied in the class. We had a chance to choose any topics about Australia. The most trending topic (just like in Twitter, haha :D) is Aborigin. Some of friends also use “Australia as a Republic or Monarchy” as a topic. But I use “Electronic Election in Australia” as a topic. Being Different is Good 🙂

This is the best poster (i think). *Mam Isdah is explaining the good poster. I love the way she teaches us, btw. The topic is about “Who Votes?” in Australian Election. It has a very very very simple design but very cute and the explanations are CLEAR! Thats why we thought it best! 🙂

Every one has a right to choose and comment in any poster. They would say “Good”, or “Whooooo!!”, or “Yeah, not bad”, or anything you gotta say. Just write and people would read it.

Beside that all happy things, the class was like a picnic place. Everyone brought many snacks and drinks to eat together during the gallery poster working. I do love this kinda class. The class was really setting as an australian class. Hope to get any class like this, again! 🙂

Love, Dilah.


4 thoughts on “The Australia Poster Gallery Class!

  1. asiknya kelasnya!!><
    apalagi close up wajah temanta yang berbaju kuning yang nyengir sambil memegang plastik! hahahahah!!

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