DB3 Voice as the winner!

You guys must already know, what I’m going to share today. Yap! It still about DB3. We had University Choir Competition last week, and I am going to share everything about this competition and our preparation as well 🙂 Lets staaaart!

We sang Himne Unhas and Dongang-Dongang (Makassar’s song) for this competition. This song is quite different from the previous Butta Kalasukanta‘. This song is slower and very flowing. This  is a song that is very sacred and used to sing during traditional ceremonies in Makassar. So, we are very challenged to sing with a full appreciation for the message conveyed to the audience.

Me and Kak Achie

I do love this kinda costume, btw. The colors are blue and gold. FISIP UNHAS is very wellknown as a “Kampus Biru Kuning”. Thats why I think, this costume is totally special. Lucky to win again for three times. Thanks for Kak Achie who always teach us how to sing very well. But, as always.. If we have 2 hours to practice, 1.5 hours spent to laugh, and 30 minutes for practice seriously. Yeah, We laugh a lot! Thanks for all who already come and support us! See ya in the next competition, and we’ll rock again as well! 🙂

Love, Dilah.


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