When Dance Made Us All Unite!



Long time no see, pals! I have many such amazing things to share rite now with respect to my visit to Turkey on last July. By reading this post, I’ll take you to walking around the world by pictures 🙂 Check this out!

Well, Welcome to Turkey! This wasn’t my first country that I already visited at all in my whole life. But, this trip that I’m going to tell you is the most precious trip ever. Because, there was a competition. The traditional dance competition all over the world namely 25th International Golden Karagoz Folk Dance Competition (7-12th July 2011) and I attended in it! 🙂 Can I say a Y-E-A-H ?? YEEEEAAAAAH!!

Represent Indonesia in the prestigious event like this is a pride. competition which was attended by 35 countries with a total of 1290 dancers makes the competition like a World Cup match. Every country wants to be the best by presenting dance traditions of each country with their own uniqueness of costumes, the beauty of dances as a cultural introduction.

We (UKM Seni Tari Hasanuddin University), Indonesia, this time brought four traditional dances of south Sulawesi (Multi Ethnic Dance, Pa’gandang Baine Dance, Kondo Sapata Dance and Pa’rasanganta Dance) also one dance from North Maluku (Soya Soya Dance). We proudly awarded Honourable Mentions to Indonesia, and became the only Asian to win the championship this year, and became the first Indonesia has ever won for along this competitions were held.

All countries try to shown their best. The picture above is Georgia, the First Prize of this competition. Georgia is Awesome! No doubt, they become a winner 🙂

This picture is Russian Federation. They got the third prize. Greece is the second prize.
Slovakia and Rumania are honorable mention.

I still have many pictures here. Those are the best 15 grand finalist of this competition. Really hard to post all pictures from 35 countris, btw 🙂



Costa Rica






Well, This event was really really really awesome. This is the place where you can find the uniqueness of each country in this world. Where the difference is not a problem. See, we were having a good friends in a whole world.

This is one of our way to make peace in this world. Full of Love. Full of Joy. Together as friends. UNITE!

See you to the next story When Dance Made Us All Unite (Part II). I’m going to have sleep rite now, its late of nite already. Btw, Happy Ramadhan, people!!

Love, dhila 🙂


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