Here I am, A big-dreamer!

I  am a dreamer. A lil girl who started everything from a dream. Life without dreams is a ship without navigation. No direction, without purpose. I live, because I have a dream. I dream to change the world, then I start to  change my self better.

Know what? I still remember a day ago, when I told Daddy George in my dream to make a School of Feminism, to make a Mexican Food Restaurant in Indonesia, to make a journal of women’s right, to live in Washington D.C, to work in Indonesian Embassy in US, to have my own brand product, to work in VOA Indonesia, to make a book of the story of my life, to have a good husband one day, and yeah, to live happily ever-after with my parent, child, and big family. And I still remember the way he answered and said:

“No dream is absurd…that is what keeps us alive! Without dreams, we have nothing! Everything is possible, even Mexican food in Indonesia!” -Daddy George

Here i am. Welcome to know me, Fadhilah Trya Wulandari, and I am A big-dreamer !

"Dream leads me to believe, nothing is
 impossible in this world..."-The Red Shoes

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