Model United Nations-Diplomatic Class

This is my lil entire story of my day being The Russian Federation Delegation.

“Hi. Как поживаешь?” (baca: Kak pozhivaeshʹ?) (Hai, how are you?)

“Мы из России” (baca: My iz Rossii) (We are from Russia)

In this Model United Nations as a final of Diplomatic Class, I became The Russian Federation delegation for  The United Nation General Assembly on Dispute Settlement in Syiria on May 22th, 2012.

We were doing vote for a motion. The most interesting topic during the conference is “do all country agree or disagree for humanitarian intervention to Syiria?” It almost took a half day for discussing this topic only. Fiuh.

I made a general speech from The Russian Federation. Here, I try to explain more of what Russia has done for helping the Syiria’s conflict without making humanitarian intervention.

Owh. It takes almost a day. This is my unmood face during a small discussion with country alliances in making a draft resolution. Russia and United States are in the different draft resolution. Its gonna be war of resolution! Hha

Coutries do vote for one best Draft Resolution. Yah. We finally, We finally, We finally, arrived to the last process of this conference. And yeah, WE FOUND NO RESOLUTION AT ALL. Is that great? :p

Well. I learned many things by doing this process. Act like a truly diplomat. Dress well. Speak well. Eat well. Great atitude. Whoah. I dont think that a diplomat will do this tiring things in their whole life of work. Appreciate to all diplomat in the world. You already work hard for giving the best resolution for other countries need. 🙂

War is the last thing to do when diplomacy ends.
Do Stop War! -The Red Shoes-

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