a dazzling thought of myself

Simply, I am not like most of women outside. I do not wear wedges every day. Also not wearing branded bags to campus.  Dress up like a models. Not putting any too thick make-up everyday. Not walking too slow like walking in the catwalk. I am Simple. Others may think, I am extremely unattractive. Yeah, I do. Then, So what? 🙂

Practically, I am a person who is always moving fastly, walk fastly, work fastly, and thinking fastly. Sometimes also talking fastly. *wink*. You should know that for me, time is money. There is no place for people who are doing anything, slowly. Argh. Its baad. Tooo baaadd. Any single second must be planned. I believe that I am a visionary one. I am not a woman who thinks that shopping mall, cinema, or branded cafe are places to spend my leisure time. Ohh, Poor meee. Home is my only place to rest. Its gonna be like a treasure when I got into my room-sweet-room. There is no other place. Too bad, huh?

I know I am different. I know it. Sometimes also I got a random thinking that better to break from any hard jobs that spend my fun, leisure, and playing time. Hey, I’m 20. I’m still young and it must to be having fun with my friends. Playing timezone. Going to the Cinema. Had a coffee break in the Cafe. Shopping in the branded places. Enjoy the sunset in the beach. And bla. And bla. And bla. Ouhh. The lines on my forehead could be the fact that I’m a thinker and a hard worker. Sooo terrible..

I sometimes envy to them (the women) who have the time to pamper themselves. Continuing to do things that make them happy, everyday. aaaah, but I am not a spoiled like that. Its a shame for me to spend money to do somethings that are not important. Otherwise, I love my job. I love myself. I love my complicated thoughts. I love my life. I love my hectic days. I love my bussiness. I love my way to dress. I love my simple way to act. Some women would be beautiful, yes, but believe, they are fake! *ROTFL* And there will be a man who will love me as I am, and a man who will be so proud to have me. My dad. So, I do not need to change anything, rite?



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