Český Krumlov is easy to love but hard to leave, I swear.

This is a-must-to-visit city in Czech Republic: Český Krumlov!

Český Krumlov is a fairy-tale town in South Bohemian region of Czech Republic which has a mix architecture of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. It takes only 3 hours from Prague by Student Agency (name of a bus company in Czech Republic), which costs around 207 CZK or IDR 115.000. Quite cheap for seeing this magnificent Old Town.

This town is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. When I came here, I couldn’t stop admiring every single thing in this city. Luxurious interiors, endless works of art from various periods and beautiful surroundings of the chateau which are a few of many impressive matters of this town.



Another best thing is, this historical town is a ‘car free zone’. So visiting every corner of this town is absolutely enjoyable.


Put this on you list, guys. Český Krumlov is easy to love but hard to leave, I swear.


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